Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nephew's Ernie

My nephew has two Ernies. For some odd reason the three year old favours one and not the other. He brings it to play-school and logs it around with him everywhere. He also stuffs it up my nose for me to smell his 'loved' Ernie- and trust me its a smell that only his own parents wouldn't mind!!

Fact is, my nephew dirtied his Loved Ernie so much his parents felt sorry for him and bought a new one. Only to realize the new one..well..stayed...forever new.

Loved Ernie gets baths too. But he still looks more like Oscar the Grouch.

Not-loved Ernie sits lonely somewhere in the house and is as new as toys at Toys-R-Us.

For some weird reason his mum decided to share this fact with me today..and I decided to share it with you.

No prizes for who's loved.