Tuesday, July 20, 2010

7am Calls

I've learnt that when you get early morning calls or late midnight calls, its usually not a good thing. It normally spells 'emergency' without even answering. 

So yesterday's 7am call was when a truck ransacked into my parents home. Literally. It knocked off a traffic light and crashed through the fence. Luckily no one was injured but guess who made headlines today in the local newspaper? 

My dad got some donated wood chips I suppose...

Ps. Life has been a whirlwind lately- but when I can, I promise I'll blog more. Meanwhile, please miss me. Thank you.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Colour Me In

Remember how I wrote a letter to Steve Jobs? Well, he obviously didn't do anything about it. How rude. He made matters worse by introducing the world to iPads. I would of written another letter to him, except I've also now got a Mr iPhone AND Mr iPad too. So that kind of makes me a hypocrite.

But let me explain. a) I didn't buy the iPhone myself, and b) I also didnt buy the iPad. Infact, without sounding like a arrogant brat, my husband forced me to open both objects when I had every intention of delaying it (seriously, I've got better things to do)!

So what does the colouring on top have to do with this whole Apple-takes-over-the-world thing? My husband coloured it..on his iPad with some weird colouring program. Ok, not that weird 'cos i tried it too and then my fingers went sore and I got sick of it. But I do admit at one point I was totally obsessed with Plants vs Zombies.

Don't ask me why. The plants have to shoot the zombies before they eat your brains. Yes, it really makes sense. There's even corn throwers and seaweed monsters.

Anyhow...the point is...I think Steve Jobs is trying to take over the world. He's got all the ages covered! From colouring, to anti-techno-gamers like me to even my mother-in-law who Facebooks on it. We're doomed. They might just use these things to teach kids in school next time!

We're being dominated people! And I hate the idea that I've somehow succumbed to this tech-savy world. 

Ps. H now stares at his iPad and iPhone more than he stares at me. Just get married why dont you?!