Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Date Night

H and I were determined to fit in one date night before Jellybean arrives- in the advice of former non-parents. We thought we'd celebrate our anniversary early as we presume Jellybean will totally occupy our time [and possibly our sanity and hence forget events] on our actual wedding anniversary.

We chose Tsunami. A quaint Japanese restaurant tucked in Mosman Park- fully occupied on a weeknight! Mental note: Good food sign but bad preggers squeeze situation.

I would of chosen more sushi options if it wasn't for the food limitations during pregnancy. But ahwell, it gives me an excuse to go back next time.

Between us, we ordered Ebi as the entree. The prawns were succulent and crunchy, wrapped in filo pastry and paired with tomato salsa.

Ikura sushi. H orders this in basically any Japanese restaurant from sushi chains to up market dining. This was definitely not the frozen and defrosted sushi chain low-grade caviar.

Mains: We both decided to have Ishiyaki Teppanyaki Wagyu and Scallops. Copy cat! The Ishiyaki is a 400C rock which meals are placed on and subsequently cooked before your eyes. From this... this.

And who could resist a little indulgence at the end? Don't ask me why- but after telling H I wanted the Kuro Goma [Black Sesame] Ice cream, he decided to change my order into a Ice cream sampler, a scoop each of green tea, black sesame and ginger ice creams. While he stayed with the traditional green tea ice cream. Huh?! I figured it was because he wanted to try the flavours but wasn't game enough to try it himself. Luckily I was delighted with the sampler- but a bit unsure if my palette really enjoys ginger ice cream.

To finish the night off? A stroll at Kings Park. Ahhh..... Ps. H wanted a note crediting he took this photo after several minutes fidgeting with the camera.

Ok Jellybean, you can come now.

Monday, December 20, 2010


Jellybean is due anytime now- and if you haven't figured out from my other posts [such as this one], you'll definitely figure out the gender from this post! It's a dead give-away.

Yeaps. We're having a pink Jellybean!

I couldn't resist making her a romper complete with matching flowers and snap buttons at the bottom.

I don't know if Jellybean will ever end up wearing it- because I got the sizing from one of her existing onesies and never got a proper pattern- I really should of got a actual pattern considering I wasted quite a bit of fabric from my first attempt.

Oh! And I have a thing for frilly bottoms. They make any butt look cute- girls butts anyway. Maybe tomorrow shall be a matching hat? Maybe.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jus Burgers

I'm craving burgers just from writing this post. Darn!

H and I stumbled across this burger joint in Leederville just a few days ago- I've heard about Jus Burgers before and was eager to try. I lurve it when I stumble across a food joint and end up loving their food!

Both our burgers were juicy with just the right amount of sauce and toppings. What I also lurved was that they used quality local suppliers and products. They're also pretty renowned in the local scene too with several awards and achievements. You don't get a 'Best Hamburger in Australia' award for nothing!

So here's my Cheeseburger [left], and H's Half-n-Half lamb burger. His Half meal was so cute- it was a mini burger and mini fries but just enough for one- I should of ordered what he ordered!

I'm definitely going back! The bonus?- The Leederville store is near my Ob's place and the Subi store is near my soon to be hospital! Woo hoo!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Cot Set

A few months weeks ago I got started on a cot set for little jellybean. After several delays I've finally completed it-with matching critters!

 I did the owls and other chirpy birds along with plain circle trees. Used the same fabrics to make a cot bumper, pillow case and cot sheet. I told H the owls are suppose to represent me and him looking at jellybean. He thinks its funny. Hmph.

The birdies are similar in shape to the ones on the wall, just a different design.

I've run out of patience to do anymore and I'm just waiting for bub's arrival any time now. I've got just one problem- when I'm not nesting I'm totally bored. So maybe I should whip up something afterall.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rat Rice Noodles

Before you come down on me with some Greenpeace treaty - let me explain!

Where I come from, there's a round type of rice noodle that is literally called 'Rat Poop Noodle'. No, it doesn't involve harming animals of any kind- it's just named so because the original versions were ... well, shaped like rat poop. The 'rat poop' noodle is simply known lau su fen/lou shi fun in Chinese dialects.

H has a enormous attachment to these noodles. Its what he grew up with for breakfast nearly every week. When I asked him what he missed from our home town, he only told me he missed lau su fen. In a desperate attempt to make him feel more at home [and I believe my nesting instincts came hard too], I made the rice noodles from scratch.

Here's my take.

Lau Su Fen/ Lou Shi Fun

2 Cups Rice Flour
2 Tablespoon Tapioca Flour
Pinch of Salt
550ml boiling water

1. Steam rice flour for 1 hour.
2. Add tapioca flour, salt and boiling water and stir until smooth.
3. Allow to cool and knead until smooth ball forms.
4. Spread additional tapioca flour on hands/surface.
5. Take pea sized amount of dough and roll between fingers until its elongated in shape. Repeat with all of dough.
6. Lightly oil steamer tray and steam noodles for approximately 8 minutes or until noodles are cooked. [I steamed mine in batches]
7. Cook noodles immediately with condiments to liking or wait for noodles to cool and store in fridge.

I was inspired by a particular hawker style of cooking rice noodles from my home town- it's what H hearts. So hence, mine was just boiled and tossed with some basic ingredients. Other methods of cooking include stir frying or having it with dark sauce.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Heeding Advice

The funny thing about pregnancies is that total strangers come up to you, strike a conversation and even touch your tummy. It also spurs those who've known you for yonks to touch your tummy like they've never touched human flesh before. And then there's those who like to put in their two cents worth and give you some piece of advice.

I've done my consensus and realized the two most common tips are:

1. Sleep as much as you can now. Key word being now.

2. Go on dates! Do stuff as a couple! It's all going to be different after bub comes!

Pointer 1: I try. But a growing belly unfortunately leads to growing insomnia, geared with a painful spine and pelvis.

Pointer 2: What I'm working on.

Taking on Pointer 2- I took H to a scenic spot, we strolled along the riverbank and sipped coffees.

Now this is when you notice the difference between a initial courtship and a few years of marriage- with a jellybean on the way!

Let me give you the scenario: A couple is walking along the river bank, absorbing all the glorious weather and feeling the sand between their toes. All of a sudden, bursts of wind blow through blasting sand across their faces.

A couple in the midst of initial courtship and dating days will most probably have a silent moment, shyly smile and walk on amoungst the blowing winds. It is romantic after all! Maybe the guy will even conveniently hand over his jacket and cover the girl? Or so one thinks.

A couple who's married and been together for a while will do the following:

Husband steers wife back onto vegetated areas then says 'You took me here to eat sand?'
And as the wife opens her mouth to comment on what her husband just said, husband says 'Shut up- or else sand will get into your mouth!'

No prizes for guessing which scenario happened to me. Uh huh!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cioccolato Espresso

I think I've found a great coffee and hot chocolate place! I haven't had such nice hot chocolate for a long time. It's actually called Cioccolatte- which was like a big mug of hot chocolate served with chocolate flakes and marshmallows. I'm talking about the real deal too- not just milk with some measely cocoa- this is good stuff!

I had their BLT bagel which was done with the right blend of oven tomatoes and avocado. Yums!

H had New Norcia toast with a serve of fresh mushrooms.

I'm definitely going back! What a lovely start to the day.

Cioccolato Espresso
31 Ardross Street
Applecross Perth Australia