Thursday, December 9, 2010

Heeding Advice

The funny thing about pregnancies is that total strangers come up to you, strike a conversation and even touch your tummy. It also spurs those who've known you for yonks to touch your tummy like they've never touched human flesh before. And then there's those who like to put in their two cents worth and give you some piece of advice.

I've done my consensus and realized the two most common tips are:

1. Sleep as much as you can now. Key word being now.

2. Go on dates! Do stuff as a couple! It's all going to be different after bub comes!

Pointer 1: I try. But a growing belly unfortunately leads to growing insomnia, geared with a painful spine and pelvis.

Pointer 2: What I'm working on.

Taking on Pointer 2- I took H to a scenic spot, we strolled along the riverbank and sipped coffees.

Now this is when you notice the difference between a initial courtship and a few years of marriage- with a jellybean on the way!

Let me give you the scenario: A couple is walking along the river bank, absorbing all the glorious weather and feeling the sand between their toes. All of a sudden, bursts of wind blow through blasting sand across their faces.

A couple in the midst of initial courtship and dating days will most probably have a silent moment, shyly smile and walk on amoungst the blowing winds. It is romantic after all! Maybe the guy will even conveniently hand over his jacket and cover the girl? Or so one thinks.

A couple who's married and been together for a while will do the following:

Husband steers wife back onto vegetated areas then says 'You took me here to eat sand?'
And as the wife opens her mouth to comment on what her husband just said, husband says 'Shut up- or else sand will get into your mouth!'

No prizes for guessing which scenario happened to me. Uh huh!

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