Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Date Night

H and I were determined to fit in one date night before Jellybean arrives- in the advice of former non-parents. We thought we'd celebrate our anniversary early as we presume Jellybean will totally occupy our time [and possibly our sanity and hence forget events] on our actual wedding anniversary.

We chose Tsunami. A quaint Japanese restaurant tucked in Mosman Park- fully occupied on a weeknight! Mental note: Good food sign but bad preggers squeeze situation.

I would of chosen more sushi options if it wasn't for the food limitations during pregnancy. But ahwell, it gives me an excuse to go back next time.

Between us, we ordered Ebi as the entree. The prawns were succulent and crunchy, wrapped in filo pastry and paired with tomato salsa.

Ikura sushi. H orders this in basically any Japanese restaurant from sushi chains to up market dining. This was definitely not the frozen and defrosted sushi chain low-grade caviar.

Mains: We both decided to have Ishiyaki Teppanyaki Wagyu and Scallops. Copy cat! The Ishiyaki is a 400C rock which meals are placed on and subsequently cooked before your eyes. From this... this.

And who could resist a little indulgence at the end? Don't ask me why- but after telling H I wanted the Kuro Goma [Black Sesame] Ice cream, he decided to change my order into a Ice cream sampler, a scoop each of green tea, black sesame and ginger ice creams. While he stayed with the traditional green tea ice cream. Huh?! I figured it was because he wanted to try the flavours but wasn't game enough to try it himself. Luckily I was delighted with the sampler- but a bit unsure if my palette really enjoys ginger ice cream.

To finish the night off? A stroll at Kings Park. Ahhh..... Ps. H wanted a note crediting he took this photo after several minutes fidgeting with the camera.

Ok Jellybean, you can come now.

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