Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter 2012

Happy Easter! About time I blog huh?!

If you look closely, you can see a vague outline of my toddler crawling up the stairs. 

...Where did my baby go?!

...This is going to be a jumbled post about my bemusements of Jellybean. Again, I'm a biased mother- being in love and awe of my child. Forgive me.

Jellybean's at that stage of character independance- she shows what she likes and more importantly doesn't like. She will gesture me to do things, mumble alot of words and understands easy instructions. Yet, she can also be terribly clingy- resulting in the absence of doing my other housewifely chores. 

I love the way she wakes me up in the morning- in a good mood- she will take strands of hair away from my face and smile when I open my eyes- in a cheeky mood- she will just stick her little chubba fingers in my nose and laugh. Grose and annoying! Sometimes I purposely fall back asleep, to which she'll crawl near my face and yell, then grasp one of my fingers, tug it and yell 'GOGOGO!!!'- to which she means she want's to get out of the room. 

Another mother's 'aww' moment- when she finally started playing with her push-pull along toys. [Though in this pic she's really using her ride along as a push-along!] Jellybean finally has enough courage to play and push these toys without any assistance from me. If she's somehow jammed the toy against something..she'll also yell 'GOGOGO!' as if to instruct it. So here she is, pushing her pig and holding her plum.

I also believe H's heart warms everytime he knows his little girl misses him. She'll hand me my mobile and say 'Baba'. If I don't call, she'll whinge and sometimes have a pout. If I do and we Facetime, she'll give him a wide grin and offer him her most prized possession- her stinky cloth. After which, she fails to be amused and goes elsewhere. -Atleast it lasted for a few seconds right?!

- And why am I writing all this? So I can remember it in times to come.xoxo I love you child.