Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy 2012!

Happy New Year! And just incase you're wondering, no no and no! This isn't a new ultrasound. It was Jellybaby when she was a wee little bub in my tums. And guess what? She's ONE now. Precisely 13 months. But...AHHH....I'm so behind on everything! Which incidentally means blogging about her birthday might as well be when she's two.

Over December, we had a great holiday in Malaysia and Singapore. After that, Chinese New Year caught up, I got busy with Partybaby and now, everything is still clashing in. Jellybaby is more active than EVER and eats everything and anything- much to my parents amusement. She stands and crawls and tugs on my legs when she wants a cuddle. Her vocab has extended to her necessities in life- Mama (mum), Baba (dad), Gong-Gong (grandpa), Mum-mum (eat), Nen-Nen (milk), ah-bu (her stinky cloth for bedtime) and anything else she babbles and points with her chubby little fingers.

In this new year, I need to be more organised. Bring it on!