Thursday, February 11, 2010

Complete Housewife & The Accidental Tree

I'm doomed.

I'm Liya and I'm a Domesticalic.

Now that I do have a little shack I'm totally devoted to it. From what I buy to what I make..its all for this darn little shack. Do you think I have some sort of domestic-alic disorder? Like a alcoholic, but I'm just obsessed with my house? You think? And you think I could get cured? Or maybe I could just be optimistic and say I'm all for Martha Stewart. Its undecided. Yet.

Well..besides being busy with contractors still fixing up things here and there..yes...still!...I love my time in the kitchen. I love preparing dinners and all the snacks I've been preparing for Chinese New Year. Ohhh..and I love the lighting's way better for photos wont you agree?

So this was last night's dinner...Fish noodle soup..I had planned to blog a recipe some time down the track..but guess who got super hungry and didn't take the 'after' shots? Another time.

Ok...and here's the tree I have a love/hate relationship with. [Kindly excuse my poor dieing arrangement of pandan leaves and messy living room..thank you..I know I should of Photoshopped...or cleaned up atleast..and did you notice my clock? look at the time!!'s midnight...and why am I still up?? Contractors!!..Urgh...!!...Contractors were still at my house at midnight!!.. Urgh...But I will stay composed...I will...I will..]

You see..I got some wall decals some time ago..thinking it would be just perfect against my purple-grey feature wall. I thought it was white. Wrong. I thought it would adhere nicely. Wrong. I thought it was reuseable. Wrong. [All false marketing I swear!] So I hated it..I decided I would tear it down and get it painted over. There's nothing wrong with a bare wall afterall. So I ripped all the decals out..and I got this...

I loved the texture..I loved the white that shows through..I loved it...until this contractor came up to me and said it looks like a unfinished paint job. Hmph. Can't you see its a tree?...So now I'm not sure. ..And being a Domesticalic...the question haunts me. Great.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

On this Valentines..

It's funny how things work sometimes. Who could imagine a girl and boy from this class..

..would end up getting married some twenty years later?

I know, I look kinda fierce and H as usual looks darn cheeky. And I utterly remember that horrid orange pant-shirt ensemble I was wearing- 80s people! 80s!! But hey...we were young.

As fate would have it...a short email ignited some flames [ok..I drew the pink heart.]..and there you have it..a short anecdote of how H and I met.

..For this Valentines, I don't wish for anything more. Just you and our humble abode and I'd be content.- Oh, and maybe that prune cake you promised dear. lol.

Happy Valentines and Happy New Year!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

House: ..Drumroll Please..


After months and months of agony, despair, waiting, frustration and excitement, we've finally moved to our new, humble abode.

Life is still pretty hectic though- scrubbing windows and toilets aint fun and some of our stuff are still at our parents place.

But atleast we've got this...

We've managed a few meals on this so far...I love my solid timber table and deliberate two toned chairs. I got them custom made by different furniture makers as I didn't see anything off-rack I liked..bliss...

And I wasn't sure about this chandelier...but it fits right in, at the right place.

I finally have a place for my nic-nacs though I'm still missing some furniture... 

..And let me present to you my new love....yes...hello sexy!! Well..its still missing some lights, but we're getting there...

For now..back to mopping, cleaning and scrubbing- Cinderella style.