Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The one in the sushi bar

I've got a bug. One that makes me lazy in all sorts of life related matters. One that's stopped me blogging on a regular basis but inspired me to write what I'm about to write-and I don't know why. It's compelling! Really. And since I haven't been taking any photos of food, this is somewhat food related. Somewhat.

Would you like to know about my first 'date'? My first ever 'date' in my entire life. It was disastrous. And I seriously forgot his name (impressions huh?!) I also don't know why I'm telling you this, today. But I am...because I think its quirky funny- maybe not for the poor guy though.

I must of been somewhat interesting enough for the guy to ask me out and I honestly don't know why I agreed when I had no intentions of developing anything. Blame it all on my innocent age then?! Anyways..I made sure I did everything I could to jeopardize it. 

I think I was in my first year of uni. All is vague now, but I believe I agreed to have lunch with him at my then favourite sushi bar- Jaws. I told him I'd meet him there- because I never go on first dates in a guy's car. 

Anyways, so I went...and I forced one of my girlfriends to go with me (Date sabotage numero uno!) Maybe I blackmailed her into coming..but sweet as she is, she agreed. We got there early just so that I could choose seats- making sure it was right at the sushi bar where everyone walked past- I was definitely not thinking of sharing any intimate moments! Eww! 

So he arrived and most probably got shocked I brought a girlfriend along. (Yes! Sabotage 1 is working!) A few awkward moments later, he began talking about his car accident, how he knocked into the lamp-post to dodge a dog and how he went clubbing every weekend. Eww again!! 

I soon turned my attention to the rotating tuna sushi on the conveyor belt-anything was more interesting than him at that point and thought about what I should eat next, sneaking in more conversations with my girlfriend instead of him. I escaped the date soon after and dreaded to ever see him again.

A bit later he called and asked in bad Singlish: 'Could you be my girlfriend lah?' to which I gave a pathetic excuse that I was going overseas and didn't know when I'd be coming back.

Lesson 1: Don't go on dates with guys you didn't have a good feeling about in the first place.
Lesson 2: Bring your girlfriends along to sabotage dates. The more the merrier!
Lesson 3: Choose a restaurant that would amaze you if you're bored.
Lesson 4: Never go out with a guy that asks for you to be his girlfriend with a 'lah' at the end of the question.

..points i'd bestow on my kids next time......

Monday, May 17, 2010

I must be so lucky..

Lady luck must be on my side because I get gifts for no apparent reason. Either that or Marlene
must really be thinking about me! lol.

Look what she made!!

She makes dull notebooks so awesomely cute its hard to use it. 

Complete with ribbon and buttons. Irresistible.

 Theres even cute birds!

I'm telling you, this girl is so spiffy she's printed her own postcards. Professional or what?! I really need to steal her ideas someday- sorry Marlene! Don't believe me?

See? Ain't she cool?! She's a professional graphic designer and makes super cute cards too. Head on over to her sites! Here for her blog and here for her cards.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Today I thought you'd like to know Quirky Fact No. 456. 

As if your life hung on to this fact, I want to tell you- I only like my bread one way! Now listen up.

One, I must spread the jam rrrrright to the corner or else I'd be a grumpy woman. If it oozes out a little, thats ok. But it must, and I warn it must be evenly spread to every single side and corner and no bread shall be left barren. None. It's a vice.

Secondly, the edges must match. Don't get me?

See that? Thats just wrong. It has to be completely matching with no corners sticking out or one side bigger than the other. 

Hence I relieve my husband of making my bread. Because when he does, he slops on the jam without doing the corners- which just ruins my whole bread experience. Totally! But when he's really nice and really wants to impress me, he'd tell me:

I promise to spread the jam on every corner!

Obviously my life is quite peaceful and mundane at the moment....either that or I'm a bread perfectionist.

Thank you for listening. You may go on with your interesting life and forget about my humdrum one now. Thank you.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

How was your mother's day? Mine was full of bears! I sent these two mascots over to present the cards to my mums...but Mum No. 2 wasn't very pleased because yellow bear over here was sporting this..

then she asked me who's Bill. ....not impressive huh?

Ok..enough about bears. I just suddenly found it fascinating that my bears hold cards. I was obviously very creative that day! *Roll eyes.

I made this one by stapling some ribbon together and uhu-ing a diamante ontop to make a flower..

Then I made this on with plain paper, stamps and ribbon. It has a Hermes feel to it don't you think?

...Then I went super crazy with pink embossing powder and made so many envelopes which I'm naming my Pink Collection- as if I'm some snazzy fashion designer!

There were flowers, damask patterns.dots and more...

But I had fun being in my crafty-imaginary world.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Movies & More

The road trip taken days ago was actually part of a bigger picture- literally. I was conned into watching happily obliged when H wanted to watch Ironman 2. To be honest, I don't fancy action-comic type movies much- it's totally predictable. 

Problem. Hero tries to save the world. Villain enters. Fight. Fight. Fight. More fight. Hero wins. The End.

Though I totally understand guys are suckers for such films just as girls are for chick-flicks, but..boys-flicks are potentially boring. Read: H knows exactly when I started sleeping in Transformers and knew I woke up just in time for the ending- good body clock I'd say!

But hey..Ironman 2 wasn't that bad. If I told you I've basically slept in any comic turned action movie and didn't sleep in this one, does it let you judge this one's slightly more entertaining? Your call.

Anyway..long story was a nice date. 

Now, although you might like to drool over Robert Downey Jr. ..I choose to drool over burgers and food. Suprising, no?

Mushroom Burger. The mushies are so cute in comparison to the giant patty! Awwww....I've never been able to finish this! Its huge!!

Some mushroom oven baked rice.

We were too full to try what Swensen's was originally famous for- ice cream! 

Swensen's Brunei
Unit no. 2.34, 2.35 & 2.36
Second Floor, The Mall
Abdul Razak Complex
Gadong. Brunei

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Road Trips + Bird Poop

There's 101 reasons why I love road trips..

a) Its heaps better than a plane ride considering I can come and go as I please and don't need a 2 hour check-in time.
b) I get to see lots more than just clouds, clouds and more clouds
c) I don't go through turbulence
d) I get to choose who I want to sit next to and have 4/5 chance of getting a window seat without some rude person resting his/her hand on my arm-rest.
e) I don't need barf bags- most of the time.
f) I can play ultra hip songs that are not just instrumental
g) My ears don't get blocked
h) I can bring my own water bottle
......and best of all....

Its a road to self and partner discovery. I get to tell H odd and weird facts that otherwise may never of surfaced- like how my dad use to read Jawi (Arabian Script)- upon seeing Jawi road signs (on the left), how my father-in-law got stuck in America when 911 happened-upon talking about plane rides and how I get amazed with the amount of bird poop that has to land on our car.

I mean- does it land on everyone's car or birds just choose to sabotage ours? I think they're really just attacking us! Look!

Then I make H play 'I spy..' with me- though I'm sure he secretly loves it too and we have singing competitions or other really challenging games like who can hold their breath the longest. We also make up songs and change the know, all fun stuff like that! Hmm.

But you know the best-best part? He's stuck with me, has nowhere to go and has to listen to what I say or ask. 

Just look at him- it says I love my wife so much!!! *glee. It's definitely not a annoyed look. Nooooo.

Yeah..I keep myself entertained!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Blog Doom

Is it me or has the infamous blog ran out of fashion? It no longer has the pizazz and every other person now has twitter. And to be completely honest with you, I don't know if I've got much to share anymore- all I blog about now is food as if my world revolved around it. kind of does, but I'm not suppose to let you know that. 

So I twiddled my thumb to come up with a fantastic post! I mean, something that shows I'm not in blog boredom. But after like...2 days, all I could possibly think about sharing was this

It's beef marrow ya'all!! Okok..still food none-the-less- but atleast I now know the secret to making beef stews. Seriously, you'll never go back! I mean NEVER! It's something that just strikes you as 'Why didn't I do this before?' It would of made my Vietnamese Beef Pho much better too! Be gone other bones!!

So I made Taiwanese beef noodle soup..which was super super flavourful..and I'll never-ever look back. 

I love you beef marrow. My dogs now love me too...their bone was mighty huge!