Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The one in the sushi bar

I've got a bug. One that makes me lazy in all sorts of life related matters. One that's stopped me blogging on a regular basis but inspired me to write what I'm about to write-and I don't know why. It's compelling! Really. And since I haven't been taking any photos of food, this is somewhat food related. Somewhat.

Would you like to know about my first 'date'? My first ever 'date' in my entire life. It was disastrous. And I seriously forgot his name (impressions huh?!) I also don't know why I'm telling you this, today. But I am...because I think its quirky funny- maybe not for the poor guy though.

I must of been somewhat interesting enough for the guy to ask me out and I honestly don't know why I agreed when I had no intentions of developing anything. Blame it all on my innocent age then?! Anyways..I made sure I did everything I could to jeopardize it. 

I think I was in my first year of uni. All is vague now, but I believe I agreed to have lunch with him at my then favourite sushi bar- Jaws. I told him I'd meet him there- because I never go on first dates in a guy's car. 

Anyways, so I went...and I forced one of my girlfriends to go with me (Date sabotage numero uno!) Maybe I blackmailed her into coming..but sweet as she is, she agreed. We got there early just so that I could choose seats- making sure it was right at the sushi bar where everyone walked past- I was definitely not thinking of sharing any intimate moments! Eww! 

So he arrived and most probably got shocked I brought a girlfriend along. (Yes! Sabotage 1 is working!) A few awkward moments later, he began talking about his car accident, how he knocked into the lamp-post to dodge a dog and how he went clubbing every weekend. Eww again!! 

I soon turned my attention to the rotating tuna sushi on the conveyor belt-anything was more interesting than him at that point and thought about what I should eat next, sneaking in more conversations with my girlfriend instead of him. I escaped the date soon after and dreaded to ever see him again.

A bit later he called and asked in bad Singlish: 'Could you be my girlfriend lah?' to which I gave a pathetic excuse that I was going overseas and didn't know when I'd be coming back.

Lesson 1: Don't go on dates with guys you didn't have a good feeling about in the first place.
Lesson 2: Bring your girlfriends along to sabotage dates. The more the merrier!
Lesson 3: Choose a restaurant that would amaze you if you're bored.
Lesson 4: Never go out with a guy that asks for you to be his girlfriend with a 'lah' at the end of the question.

..points i'd bestow on my kids next time......


  1. Charles the husbandMay 25, 2010 at 11:20 PM

    How come you never told me this?

  2. Aww I didn't? It's ok, u r the date that did work out! Ps. Atleast I didn't ask my date to go to the library. *ahem.

  3. Neither did I.