Monday, May 17, 2010

I must be so lucky..

Lady luck must be on my side because I get gifts for no apparent reason. Either that or Marlene
must really be thinking about me! lol.

Look what she made!!

She makes dull notebooks so awesomely cute its hard to use it. 

Complete with ribbon and buttons. Irresistible.

 Theres even cute birds!

I'm telling you, this girl is so spiffy she's printed her own postcards. Professional or what?! I really need to steal her ideas someday- sorry Marlene! Don't believe me?

See? Ain't she cool?! She's a professional graphic designer and makes super cute cards too. Head on over to her sites! Here for her blog and here for her cards.


  1. Alamak.. my present is just a small present but you makes it looks so nice lah :D Good camera + skill :)

    We should meet up more often :) Just wanna let you know, you are in my prayer :) (the little secret between us :p)

  2. It's a present from the heart! And thats all that matters:)

    Thanks so much..for everything!