Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

How was your mother's day? Mine was full of bears! I sent these two mascots over to present the cards to my mums...but Mum No. 2 wasn't very pleased because yellow bear over here was sporting this..

then she asked me who's Bill. ....not impressive huh?

Ok..enough about bears. I just suddenly found it fascinating that my bears hold cards. I was obviously very creative that day! *Roll eyes.

I made this one by stapling some ribbon together and uhu-ing a diamante ontop to make a flower..

Then I made this on with plain paper, stamps and ribbon. It has a Hermes feel to it don't you think?

...Then I went super crazy with pink embossing powder and made so many envelopes which I'm naming my Pink Collection- as if I'm some snazzy fashion designer!

There were flowers, damask patterns.dots and more...

But I had fun being in my crafty-imaginary world.

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