Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Road Trips + Bird Poop

There's 101 reasons why I love road trips..

a) Its heaps better than a plane ride considering I can come and go as I please and don't need a 2 hour check-in time.
b) I get to see lots more than just clouds, clouds and more clouds
c) I don't go through turbulence
d) I get to choose who I want to sit next to and have 4/5 chance of getting a window seat without some rude person resting his/her hand on my arm-rest.
e) I don't need barf bags- most of the time.
f) I can play ultra hip songs that are not just instrumental
g) My ears don't get blocked
h) I can bring my own water bottle
......and best of all....

Its a road to self and partner discovery. I get to tell H odd and weird facts that otherwise may never of surfaced- like how my dad use to read Jawi (Arabian Script)- upon seeing Jawi road signs (on the left), how my father-in-law got stuck in America when 911 happened-upon talking about plane rides and how I get amazed with the amount of bird poop that has to land on our car.

I mean- does it land on everyone's car or birds just choose to sabotage ours? I think they're really just attacking us! Look!

Then I make H play 'I spy..' with me- though I'm sure he secretly loves it too and we have singing competitions or other really challenging games like who can hold their breath the longest. We also make up songs and change the know, all fun stuff like that! Hmm.

But you know the best-best part? He's stuck with me, has nowhere to go and has to listen to what I say or ask. 

Just look at him- it says I love my wife so much!!! *glee. It's definitely not a annoyed look. Nooooo.

Yeah..I keep myself entertained!


  1. hahhaaha....reading this really puts a smile on my face....geeze liya you really know how to self-entertained:)...

    k truth is..we used to play a couple of the similar games....till i discovered how nice it is to sleep in road trips:)

  2. Jess- glad to know you're as childish as us, atleast u use to

    rui di- Spot on!!