Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cravings Satisfied

My food cravings come and go - but usually they lurk around until I've satisfied them.

You see, we were having our breakfast at St Regis Bali Resort-Boneka Restaurant. Everyone should go!! The Wow factor is awesome. I remember asking The Hubby..Am I in heaven? The staff were immensely friendly and remembered us by names. Actually, we were determined to eat there as some famous food connoisseur raved about their patisseries- saying they're the best out of Europe -and by golly he couldnt be any more right [ not that I tasted any patisserie fresh from Europe, but I think they're darn good!] The Danish pastries and breads were absolutely Y U M M Y!

Buffet breakfast also included a Ala Carte buffet menu- which meant we could order anything we wanted and they'll make it fresh from the kitchen. So can you imagine how my face lit up when the menu offered eggs benedict with hollandaise sauce served with caviar? Or they had fresh lobster..for breakfast?!

If I havent made your salivatory glands run yet..have a look at our buffet menu!

Now, we did restrain ourselves..though we made sure we ordered our Strawberry Smoothies and fragrant coffees before we left!


A walk after our breaky

St Regis by the Beach.

Monday, April 27, 2009

My phobia

So..since i'll be filling you on the details of my honeymoon in the upcoming blogs, I thought I should tell you the 'behind- the - scenes' of it. Despite all the romance associated with such travellings..let me tell you about my phobia.

When my then fiance asked me where I would like to go for our honeymoon..I suggested the extremes- Either somewhere real hot where we could sip fancy cocktails by the beach, or somewhere immensely cold where we'd cuddle up next to fireplaces and see snow fall.

It all sounds fine at this point right?

..Then came my next requirement: No plane rides for more than 5 hours at a time. Shall the flight be longer, it has to be broken into transit time.

Truth be told- I really really dislike [bordering hate] planes. Aeroplanes.

I dont like flying, dont like sitting in planes, dont like the smell of planes and didnt even eat plane food nor go to plane toilets until recently.

I use to hold vomit bags when I entered the plane. I would be socially disabled and would go on sleep mode immediately. 99% of the time, I vomitted someway throughout the flight: entering, sitting, turbulence, non-turbulence, landing, after name it and i've barfed it. I was that bad.

I wish there was a time capsule that could transport me to places immediately. I even wished someone could knock me unconscious and placed me on a flight.

You get the picture right?

I'm alot better now. I swear. I've learnt [in my late twenties] to go to plane potties and eat plane food. But, I still dont like planes.

So yeah..our honeymoon was kind of limited by my inability for long plane rides. Which really meant we couldnt go to any extreme weathered place during March-April. We also kind of got limited by transit places which my husband fully respects but also thinks is extremely hillarious.

The itinerary had LOTS of plane rides. Malaysia-Philippines-Malaysia-Singapore-Bali-Singapore-Australia-Singapore-Malaysia.

Planes: Airbus A340-500

Planes: Airbus A320

More Planes: Boeing 777-200 of the rare aeroplane meals I eat

..totally water-retention feet with bulging meat after flights

..and boy was I glad when I didnt have to fly.

Basically..I think I sacrificed alot of flight-phobia for the honeymoon.

* Dear..if you're reading..I would love to go Europe and Canada with u..but we have to stop at other places. [whether these places contribute to my shopping sprees, should not be of any concern. *Glee!]

Ps. none of the photos were taken by me. I still pretty much go on sleep mode. However, my husband insisted I name all the aeroplanes so I seem more intelligent and professional. [he's a plane freak!]


I have a weird attachment to weddings.

When I was preparing my own, I wont deny that there were many times, I just ran out of energy and wanted to give up. It wasnt that I didnt want to be married anymore, but the whole notion of getting married was just getting too much. I literally wanted to be married without a wedding. -But thank goodness I didnt walk down that lane.

Because after all the brain stretching and heart wrenching things that go into a wedding, theres the total bliss to it afterall. The icing to the cake. It is worth it, and you wont have the chance to plan such a grand and momentous event to celebrate your life as a couple ever again.

So when I saw my best friend get married, I really saw a blissful couple. I felt so privilleged to be there, to witness the joining of two lives and enjoy the buzz of the atmosphere.

It made me realise that weddings weren't just meant for the couple, but for all the loved ones who wanted to share this celebration. All the friends and family who sincerely wanted to congratulate you and wish the very best for your new journey ahead.

It made me realise that all the details you thought of [which somehow seemed like a life threatening decision at the time] may go un-noticed, but it didnt matter when you knew all your guests were having a good time.

Anyhow..without getting too carried away..I had a ball at Steven & Pauline's wedding. If I havent said this was so nice to see everyone again! Their wedding made me laugh and cry. Simply beautiful.

And just to prove it..heres some of my favourite pics of us having fun at the photobooth (such a neat idea!!)

Back Here

I'm having holiday withdrawal.

Forgive me if my brain is a tad slow. I've forgotten everything in real life and I'm still on holiday mode. Dragging myself out of bed for work was pretty bad this morning..though I should of realised that the entire population was working real hard whilst I was busying myself along sandy beaches and shopping havens.

Geeze I have a tough life huh?!

Like I promised, I will update you all soon..just that all is a little hazy at the moment.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Hang On!

Hi!! A big wave from good ol' Australia!!

I'm still around..but just totally enjoying some relaxing time with the hubby. I can't wait to share all the sights and wonders with you all. Theres loads of pictures and so many things to write!

If only days and nights were made of holidays huh?

But meanwhile...just let me have some more couple time and I'll share with you [soon] I promise.