Monday, March 30, 2009

First Leg-Paalam Philippines

Philippines was the first stop of our honeymoon- predominantly for one of my best friend's wedding. 

I first met Pauline when I was seven. We met during primary school in Perth and have since been great friends. There's something quite magical when you see your best friend marry the love of their life. They're just positively glowing with happiness!

Another reason why I was so excited about Philippines was because I could reunite with other friends. Ever since everyone moved away from Perth, the only time we get to meet up are during weddings.

To tell you the truth, I didnt know what to expect from Philippines. On one hand I always heard terrible stories about it - the kidnappings, bombings. Yet I've met all these lovely people who come from this place. 

So when I did get there I was shocked. Good shocked. It was a beautiful place with friendly mannered people. Everyone was so hospitable and so welcoming. We were treated like royalty everyday!

Our hosts were so gracious- they thought of every little detail that could make our stay ever so comfortable. I was sooo lucky to also have the company of Hannie. The poor girl most probably tore her brains out to entertain and show us around.  

Hannie- Thank you for all your generous time and efforts. How could we ever go around without you? How could we experience a awesome foot massage?!  Philippines just wouldn't of been the same without you.

The newlyweds & family- It was such a beautiful wedding! How can we thank you enough for all the scrumptious meals and comforts? 

All of you make lovely ambassadors for your country. :) Paalam Philippines. 'Till we meet again.

Ooh..and here's a card and gift inspired by the newlyweds. I made a card and letterpress for them based on their logo. ..Ahh..I love weddings.

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