Monday, March 9, 2009

Friday Evenings

My husband and I have made it a point to have couple time every now and then. Whether its as mundane as watching tele or being adventurous and going on trips, its time we get to spend together, alone, without any other worries.

We both love going to pasar malam on Friday evenings. This is part of our couple time. Pasar malam is Malay for 'night market'..and here you'll find all sorts of interesting stuff. 

We go there for food and magazines, to see all the colours, smell all the rich aromas and have a nice walk. It such a great date! We discover new things together, get excited about things we haven't tasted..and simply love each other's company. 

This week we discovered Ondeh-Ondeh: a soft coconut flavoured ball with some coconut juice just waiting to burst...yum. 

We couldnt resist Keropok Lekor- and even told each other stories about how we first discovered this strange and addictive junk food. He first ate it in high school and I discovered it on a Summer holiday many years ago with my sister.

We had some Roti Telur: Indian bread with egg..and realised how silly we were for discovering the curry AFTER we finished the roti.

I love casual dates..where I can go in my daggy clothes and we have heaps of fun. :)


  1. enjoy your couple time ... so jealous :)

  2. we can go to this market if u come but make sure you stay over for friday/saturday nights:)

  3. haha ... are you trying to bribe me? lol.

  4. no. maybe just entice you. con you. lol.