Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spontaneous thoughts

I've been attacked by sudden, random thoughts. Out of nowhere:

  • I want bacon..NOW.
  • I realised that having babies is not THAT far in the future. [No, I'm not pregnant..yet.]
  • I'm leaving for a good friend's wedding and honeymoon in 14 work days [counting in 'work days' doesnt seem as long]
  • Making a lolly jar for my chocolate addiction.
  • Making red velvet cake without it being red complete with cream cheese frosting. [though that would make it just..velvet cake]
  • Earn a living out of cooking and crafting....hmmm...
  • A kitchen with looong benches for me to put all my silly appliances
  • What do I do after my honeymoon?
  • Where would I be for Chinese New Year 2010?
  • Where do I go for lunch?

Notice most of it is about food. Some things just dont change.

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