Sunday, March 22, 2009

I dream of cake

So here's the story..

I dont know what possessed me. I've been dreaming of fondant cakes all week. I had all these visions in my mind- i mean really beautiful visions. I knew exactly how I wanted my fondant ribbons and flowers. Mind you, I never touched fondant in my life! The closest encounter I have with fondant is between the laptop and me- yes online!

My possession grew kinda wild and my scary thoughts led me to my cousin's wedding -I could make cupcakes for him! [ I have this great ability- being totally ignorant to what I cannot do!] It can't be that hard..all i needed were some ingredients and a bit of kneading.

Who was I kidding? I dont know why I even had the calibre to think I could do it just from online resources. 

So imagine this. After a full day at work i was still labouring over my fondant cupcakes at 11pm at night, knowing very well I had to wake up early the next day. The cupcakes tasted fine-chocolate banana...but at near midnight, my brain and body wasnt exactly in tune with the intricate flowers I thought I was going to make. The 2mm thick flowers looked more like 5 mm thick flowers. Sheesh. Guess I need more practice...but I'm already thinking of buying ready-made fondant when I see it. 

That's what happens when I get overexcited about something I think I can do but doesn't end up anywhere close to my expectations.


  1. Hi Liya, you are really creative! Charles is lucky to married you, haha!
    Wish I could learn some from you =)

  2. Rachel: Aww shucks. Thanks for the compliment:)

    Di: Yes, I made it for my cousin's wedding.