Monday, March 23, 2009

You do the maths

You'd think after sleeping alone for 20 odd years that a few minuscule months of bed-sharing wont do much. Strictly speaking, the ratio is 27:0.25.

The husband is out station for work- great timing I'd say considering we leave for our honeymoon a day after he comes back! I thought I'd be in bliss, swimming in our king size bed and having all my fluffy pillows around me. I'd have total peace and quiet and I'd have deep sleep.

You cant blame me, I'm still working on the physics of sleeping together you see. Cos:

a) I'm a light sleeper and his snores have totally irritated me for the past few months. -I've tried ear plugs, he's tried snoring/nasal patches. Not good.
b) I think our bodies go to war when we sleep. Both of us have woken up with bruises and scratches and we've occasionally given each other head bumps worthy of concussions.
c) I like to wake up to glorious sunlight basking on my face, thats a natural alarm clock I'd say. Hubby on the other hand likes a dark dark room and places his hands on the snooze button waay to often!

It doesnt sound very newlywed-ish right now does it?

I hate to admit it..but one night of his absence and I kinda miss all the stuff that normally irritates me. I couldnt fall asleep till waay past midnight. And the king size bed I thought I'd hog to myself? Well..I kinda didnt move much at all.

So hubby..come back soon and give me some snoring. Never thought this day would come!


  1. snoring coming up :)

    hehe.. told you you're gonna miss it :P

  2. haha ... i know what you mean about the snoring!

  3. i bet you i will regret it when hubby does come back! its a matter of always wanting what you dont have.

  4. dear hubby..we're still working on the snoring patches remember?