Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How can I work?

I'm not in a productive work mode. Period.

To be fair, how can I be? I'll be off on my honeymoon in a weeks time! Whoopee!!

I'm thinking romantic sunsets, lazy brunches, bucket loads of shopping and lots of great chats with friends. Then it'll be back to reality. But.. until then, nothing can really dampen my spirits.

The husband said first thing in the morning with his eyes sheepishly open 'Are you wearing a bikini for the honeymoon?'- I thought he was in his dreams [no, I'm SURE he was still dreaming]. Nope. Not even a good morning. I didnt answer him. He can stay in his dreams and think of a hot chick with a great bod for that one.


  1. soooo envious ... would love to go to bali with NO kids!!!

  2. that means you can either go now..and have someone babysit Mia..OR wait till you're old and wrinkly and your children are all grown up. keke.

  3. yeah i ALMOST had a NO kids holiday. damn motherhood emotions got the better of me. now i'm gonna have to wait like 20 years or something. boo hoo.

  4. hahahhaha least u know charles is just excited as you are....!!!!