Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Weekend Mornings

I love taking breakfasts on weekends. Its only on weekend mornings I have a proper breakfast, sit down and catch up with my parents or have a chat with my husband, whilst enjoying a plate of noodles and a cup of coffee. Its the only time I dont rush to work and eat a proper meal.

My husband and I both work on Saturdays. I do some casual work for half a day whilst he goes back to his office for a full day.

Sundays are when I have breakfast twice if my parents are here. They're early birds. So I do my 'first round' with them early on whilst my hubby goes to church and I meet up with my husband later for his breakfast.

I love the ko loh mee (picture above), lau su fen (rice flour made noodles), curry chicken rice, fresh meat balls, chai ban, kuehs...

I love the local brewed coffee, the neslo [which is essentially just Nescafe and Milo mixed together], teh si (milk tea), lemon tea..

I love my breather time.

ps. this photo is for you How Earn!


  1. yummmm......but haha if i show howearn this sure the brunei versus miri kolomee rivalry will start again!!! both nice k...and both u cant get in perth....soo awww yummmm!!!

  2. its ok jess. I believe the brunei one must be nice too! ( the 'arguement' was between the two guys and not us anyway. lol) hahaha. maybe charles and i need to take a trip to seria some time....