Friday, March 6, 2009

Lunch Today

This is a quick post [at the request of a very eager msn buddy] on my lunch today.

Gluttony starring:

Charles' Chicken Curry Rice..

My 'zhou chai fen gan': which is essentially thick white noodles in a preserved vegetable, tomato, black fungus and fish soup.

Liang Cha: Herbal tea.

Model: My husband's very unwilling hand.


  1. your noodle looks very interesting.......and hmmm thanks charles for the 'hand' modelling!!!

  2. have u eaten this type of noodle before jess? i think you might like it..salty and soury.

    charles was really hungry..but i made him 'pose' anyway. oh..and made him stop eating his curry chicken

  3. no i havent..tats y i think its so interesting..i cant even make out ur translation cos i prob havent heard of it b4!

    hehe ur pics just have to be presented so nicely aye!!!!