Thursday, March 12, 2009

Excapade Sushi

I think i've raved heaps about this place before and everyone around town knows about 'people going to Brunei for Sushi' ..its just the in thing! You're bound to meet Mirians if you eat here.

Dont get me wrong, the Japanese food is good..good in a fusion sort of way. Yes, theres sushi, sashimi, bento boxes and all..but its really been altered for the people in the tropics. Realistically, you wouldnt find huge sushi rolls walloped with chunks of Philadelphia cheese and massive pieces of avocado in any traditional restaurant in Japan. Nor would you find gigantically large pieces of Sashimi cut like theres no tomorrow served with an Oreo Shake! Simply because sushi is meant to be bite size food..on the go..and sashimi is actually a luxury food, real fresh and not frozen then defrosted...and..when did cheese top the list of traditional Japanese food?

If there was a terminology for Excapade, it's more of fusion come modern Japanese food. Its good, I'm not complaining..but if i'm thinking of the real stuff..the ones I've tried in tiny boutique Japanese restaurants down alleyways of Osaka..this is not what I would imagine.

Anyhows...I still go there lots. Cos i'm deprived. Deprived of any cuisine really. Local food is nice, but I wont get much further if I wanted food diversity. I'm not a food critic..but I think any layman can distinguish the places in Miri with horrendous imitations of another culture's food..or places with exorbitant prices for their version of gourmet [dont get me started].

So here's some modern Jap food for you to feast on....and just incase you're wondering, these photos were taken on different occassions cos I promise you I dont down that much!

Tempura Shisamo - famous as pregnant fishes. I've tried the grilled and breaded version too. The grilled shisamo tends to be burnt most of the time and the breaded one overpowered by the crumbs. So tempura style gets my vote!

More tempura

Grilled Teriyaki Scallops

They have several franchises, but the ones I've tried are at:

Kuala Belait: +673 333 3933; 11am-2:30pm & 5:30pm- 10pm

Gadong: +673 244 3012; 11am-2:30pm & 6pm-10:30pm

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