Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Best Apple Strudel

..i've EVER had.

Guess what? My dear dear parents brought me this..

Yes. Coricas.

They hand carried it all the way from Perth. All for ME. Yes Me! Me! Me! They're super duper sweet. And I love them to bits [not that I usually dont love them]! They got it from Northbridge..yes, that little shop tucked in the corner of Aberdeen & Lake Street with the green wrought iron gates. You really should try some.


106 Aberdeen Street

Northbridge Western Australia



  1. yummmmmmmmmmm

    k tho I'm in Perth..i don't eat this tat often.

    you've just made up my getting this for my 'bring-a-dessert' dish....yummm!

  2. thats just not acceptable jess. what happened to making something to show your wifey qualities? ..actually, better your wifely duties for april 12th!

  3. oh yeah i forgot there was such a place called corica's in perth and such a dessert as apple strudel haha.