Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dear Jellybean-May 2011

So mummy missed out a few months in between. But you ought to know it's all because of you. Somewhere down the line, you've learnt that mummy's the best walking bed, milking and playing machine in the whole wide world. Oh bub!

You give the best smiles and cheeky grins in the morning, then throughout the day you laugh at all sorts of weird and wonderful things. I'm still waiting for the day you roll. Yes, you still haven't mastered rolling. Rather, it's much more fun when mummy rolls you around like a spring roll. You've definitely learnt the art of screaming and distinguishing what you like and dislike. Oh bub!

For the first few months of your life, these are your favourite things:

1. Wrap Me Up- a zip up swaddle that gives you the freedom to put your hands up- and even in your mouth. Girl do you love putting your chubba fingers in your mouth. You love it so much that we've bought you three!!

2. Aden & Anais Washcloths- we bought a set of these to bathe you. Somehow, you love snuggling up to the soft muslin to help you fall asleep. It's ok, multiuse is good! You also love their swaddle wraps though you use it as a blanket.

3. Babybjorn Active - Ahh! What would daddy and mummy do without this little helper? Mmm..maybe you wont have a chance of leaving the house. Ever. 'Cos right now you're not a fan of prams.

So daddy might not look as hunky as this fella...shhhh!

4. Little Bamboo Cot Blanket- it's so soft! You've used it every night since being discharged from hospital.

5. Il tutto Nico Bronze babybag- Ok, so this one isnt your favourite, it's more like mummy's favourite. It holds everything in place, and that everything is yours [ milk, diapers, wet cloths, toys ] so technically it's your favourite too!

6. Sophie the Giraffe-  your squeaky teether that tends to entertain you though its embarrassing for your parents.

7. Tommee Tippee Dummy- this may not have been a good idea. One day we'll have to wean you out of it. But you love it. love it. love it. It's your sleeping tool. The dummy's getting a tad small for you though and it indents your chubby cheeks!

8. Alimrose Designs Rattle- you stare and stare and stare when this is rattled to put you to sleep. Only at night though, and only sometimes. But you stare, as if you're trying to figure it out.

9. Peg Perego Tatamia- this was the only chair/swing you'd sit in. Not long mind you, but long enough for your parents to swallow their meal.

10. Ikea Changemat - We haven't quite figured if you solely love the mat or if you are gonna be changed or bathed soon. Either way, you always smile here. Oh, and it's cheap.

11. Skeanie Ugg Boots - ok, this is totally for the cute factor! But you do look very comfy in them.

There you go bubba, a good life so far huh? Lucky you.

Mummy & Daddy.