Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What's occupied me

Jellybean and Partybaby.

In the past few weeks, I had another baby. Partybaby. Though I didn't have to go through nine months of pregnancy or nurse this little newborn, it has taken up any moments my real baby does not occupy.

Currently, Partybaby has a range of custom partyware and soon, some kitchenwares. In brief, you choose and place a order for a design you like, I receive the order and customise the invitation and partyware with your details. Then you can print it or even email it at your convenience.

So..lets say Molly's turning two, you give me your details and you'd get this...

 ..a digital invitation...

...a 'Molly' bunting...

...and party essentials which consist of thank you tags, canape/fork toppers party flags, buffet/name labels which tie in with your whole theme.

Then you just print it and party real hard. if you'd like to know my other baby more..pop on to

Monday, November 14, 2011


H and my birthdate is exactly one week apart. So, a week later..we had more celebrations. I had this big plan- at the stroke of midnight, I'd appear with a candle on his cake to surprise him. Later that day I would surprise him by driving him to lunch and his present. But...err.. it didn't quite work that way. All of us fell sick a few days beforehand- I had spent the previous nights holding Jellybean to sleep as she had a bad fever..and the rest is history. So by the time it was H's actual birthday, we were all pretty tired and just wanted good rest.

This is how it was spent...

At the stroke of midnight, all weary eyed and just minutes after putting bub in her cot, I presented H with his ice cream cake. He blew the candle, didn't even cut the cake..and we went to sleep. Yes, pretty anti-climax aren't we.

But I do have to stress I made a cake. Despite it being a no-bake, just combine an freeze..I made it k. I made it! ...With a sick hubby, sick baby and viral me! ...Here's presenting a Connoissseur ice cream cake dolloped with Lindt chocolate and berries.

Oh..I did present my hubby with a card and present too. It was all aeroplane themed this conjunction with his birthday present.

Another take on a easy 3D card. Told you I had a thing for these. Again, pretty good effort for a ill-feeling family k. Please clap. [I'm very encouraging aren't I?]

Lunch was spent in Nobu. Superb. A post about this another time but here's a peek to get your taste buds going...

Even Jellybean wanted to steal some!

H has a obsession with planes. Seriously. He can tell you which seat numbers are next to emergency exits, the seat configuration of different planes, which airline just bought how many planes and so fourth. ..So, I got him a flight simulation package and if I must say so myself- It was so cool!! He got to be a pilot for a day, got a real co pilot and flew Jellybean and myself as his passengers. Jellybean wasn't too chuffed though- she wanted to push all the buttons and destroy the headsets. Hmm.

And here it was- his first flight ever and he delayed it. Ahem.

..And here's the entrance to his plan of the day- uber cool!

He loved it...totally loved it! Yesss!!

And err...saving the best for last- we ate cheap takeout that night and went to bed. I'm a good wife aren't I?

Hope you had a lovely day love...