Thursday, September 30, 2010

About time...

I haven't posted much have I? That's cos life has been a whirlwind of events. Things have happened so fast and thankfully, all is good. We've haven't quite striked the lottery but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for that one!

Between my last post and this one... I've moved from one country to another and do a say this? ..I've got a bun in the oven. Well, technically I didn't get the bun in the last few weeks..just that I've been waiting for a better time to announce it here. And for the same reason, it's why I've been lacking in my food posts. Food has not been a great friend of mine- I've lost nearly all interest in it and sadly haven't cooked for 5-6 months. Even more frustrating is that I don't crave for any food and never know what to eat. My mind has gone blank and it's all on the hormones I tell you!

Although my waist has been expanding exponentially, sometimes despite all the raging signals- there is a little bun baking, it's still quite unbelievable. It's quite amazing actually- the first ultrasounds to the first flutters that feel like gas bubbles..I'm sure there's more to come.

So 'till then...

Monday, September 6, 2010

There's a bear in there..

I have a soft-spot for nicely packed lunch-boxes. They add a hop in my walk and and skip in my step. I go gaa-gaa over Japanese Bentos, so maybe that explains my fascination with cute lunch stuff.

As lovely of a wife I am, I packed H his snack box complete with a yellow bear.

..A yellow bear complete with a smile forked on a piece of sponge! I didn't care what his work mates said or whether it was too childish or girly for him. I just wanted to place the bear in the box. It's cute and that's that. So somebody stop me!

I'll continue to put unexpected objects into his lunch or snack boxes...atleast until one day I can go embarrass my kid. My kid will think he/she has the best mum in the world!!.. until they go into high-school and their mum still insists on doing so. 

Meanwhile, long live the bears!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Drawings Updated

I have to admit, marriage hasn't changed my competitive streak. H and I make up bizarre games just to out-run one another - for the sake of it. Because we're bored, because we're childish, because we lack entertainment in our lives and in that sense, can still entertain ourselves.

Previously, we drew on napkins and any kind of paper we could get hold of. Now we've upgraded ourselves- that sounds kind of cool! We draw on our iPads on some blackboard application- we're very tech savvy like that.

I still say I'm better- just incase my clients read my blog. 

Round 1: Keys

I say his looks more like a key from the local locksmith and mine's from Tiffany- Hands down!

Round 2: Car

Mine's the Beetle version..and his is from the 1970's? See the cool app chalks? They're so good for freehand scribbling!

Round 3: Ragdoll

The one in pink is waaay cuter!?! Ps. that's drawn by me.

Round 4: Chair

Ok, so my pink chair looks like it needs some mending but its more designerish k?

Round 5: Pair of shoes

What? His isn't a pair?!?!...

Ok, so his shoes are nicer...but it it still isn't a pair..and writing x2 doesn't qualify. That's cheating.

I say I win. Shall we cast a vote?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

When Cupid's Arrow goes Haywire..

Just three days ago I thought H was the sweetest man on earth! 

I accidentally found a box of heart shaped chocolates in his car to which I pretended I didn't see. I happily thought that 5 years down the road my man was still a romantic at heart. I pondered how he was going to surprise me and what sweet-nothings would he say. I smiled to myself, thinking of all possible romantic scenarios just for the sake of it. You's what girls do. 

So guess what?!?...

Yesterday morning he took the box of nicely-wrapped-heart-shape chocolates out of the car...and it went a little like this:

" For you!!"

"Ooh..what is this for?"...


With not much expression on his face, H said, "Oh nothing. A client gave it to me as a gift of thanks and if I don't take them out out of my car they're gonna melt."

=_=" Pffftttt.

So there I stood, speechless, dumbfounded and thinking I was the biggest idiot on planet earth. 

Just incase you'd like to know, the nicely-wrapped-heart-shape chocolates are now sitting on my kitchen bench and I have no intention of eating them.