Friday, September 3, 2010

Drawings Updated

I have to admit, marriage hasn't changed my competitive streak. H and I make up bizarre games just to out-run one another - for the sake of it. Because we're bored, because we're childish, because we lack entertainment in our lives and in that sense, can still entertain ourselves.

Previously, we drew on napkins and any kind of paper we could get hold of. Now we've upgraded ourselves- that sounds kind of cool! We draw on our iPads on some blackboard application- we're very tech savvy like that.

I still say I'm better- just incase my clients read my blog. 

Round 1: Keys

I say his looks more like a key from the local locksmith and mine's from Tiffany- Hands down!

Round 2: Car

Mine's the Beetle version..and his is from the 1970's? See the cool app chalks? They're so good for freehand scribbling!

Round 3: Ragdoll

The one in pink is waaay cuter!?! Ps. that's drawn by me.

Round 4: Chair

Ok, so my pink chair looks like it needs some mending but its more designerish k?

Round 5: Pair of shoes

What? His isn't a pair?!?!...

Ok, so his shoes are nicer...but it it still isn't a pair..and writing x2 doesn't qualify. That's cheating.

I say I win. Shall we cast a vote?


  1. Liya, haven't visited your blog in a while so let me participate in the judging....

    Keys: I like yours better.
    Car: sorry, but I have to give it to him.
    Rag doll: yours is wayyyyyy better.
    Chair: yours look more comfy! Hehe :)
    Shoes: I like his....but you would've won if they were meant to be ballet flats.

    3 - 2 in your favour! You won by a hair!

    Man, I'm bored....


  2. LOL! Glad to see you're back online!

    Hey, I still think my car is better k! Never-the-less, I won. hehe.