Monday, September 6, 2010

There's a bear in there..

I have a soft-spot for nicely packed lunch-boxes. They add a hop in my walk and and skip in my step. I go gaa-gaa over Japanese Bentos, so maybe that explains my fascination with cute lunch stuff.

As lovely of a wife I am, I packed H his snack box complete with a yellow bear.

..A yellow bear complete with a smile forked on a piece of sponge! I didn't care what his work mates said or whether it was too childish or girly for him. I just wanted to place the bear in the box. It's cute and that's that. So somebody stop me!

I'll continue to put unexpected objects into his lunch or snack boxes...atleast until one day I can go embarrass my kid. My kid will think he/she has the best mum in the world!!.. until they go into high-school and their mum still insists on doing so. 

Meanwhile, long live the bears!!

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