Thursday, September 30, 2010

About time...

I haven't posted much have I? That's cos life has been a whirlwind of events. Things have happened so fast and thankfully, all is good. We've haven't quite striked the lottery but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for that one!

Between my last post and this one... I've moved from one country to another and do a say this? ..I've got a bun in the oven. Well, technically I didn't get the bun in the last few weeks..just that I've been waiting for a better time to announce it here. And for the same reason, it's why I've been lacking in my food posts. Food has not been a great friend of mine- I've lost nearly all interest in it and sadly haven't cooked for 5-6 months. Even more frustrating is that I don't crave for any food and never know what to eat. My mind has gone blank and it's all on the hormones I tell you!

Although my waist has been expanding exponentially, sometimes despite all the raging signals- there is a little bun baking, it's still quite unbelievable. It's quite amazing actually- the first ultrasounds to the first flutters that feel like gas bubbles..I'm sure there's more to come.

So 'till then...