Sunday, March 4, 2012

Jellybean conquers the world...not really

...I just couldn't think of a title.

Of late, Jellybean is so bored of me, of the house, of her toys. So bored, she finds her amusements elsewhere. She turns boxes into her personalised furniture and eats twigs and nuts from our backyard. I sound like such a hippie mum- letting her go au naturel and be fine with it- but in truth, I've learnt that with her personality, if I let her try it out once, she won't do it again. Hence in the long run, I find it's safer for her and I just have to be cool with it.

So this was one of her amusements of the day. She found a shoe box, appropriately labelled and decided it was her couch, her vehicle and abode for the day. She thought it was funny, I was pleasantly surprised and we both started laughing. I love how playful she can be right now. 

In the midst of her boredom, I take her out for neighbourhood walks where we discovered a new sand pit at the nearby school. She was all 'princessy' about it in the very beginning- lifting her feet up away from the sand, not daring to move a inch and didn't warm up to the idea despite her new 'sand toys'. Today however, she found the joy in the great outdoors and began spilling sand everywhere! By that, I mean in her clothes, over her back, in her hair..nappy... 

I think we nearly took the whole sandpit back to our bathroom! Somehow I love this shot of her cute little feet dotted with specks of sand. I'm very biased and besotted indeed.