Thursday, August 19, 2010

Faux Jesters

Just the other day I willingly paid precisely $11.70 for a pie. Why? Because I felt like I needed to contribute to the economy and encourage foreign goods being imported to this tiny place. Yes, I was doing something major- well, that and the fact that I succumbed to the temptation of Australian pies. Don't ask.

But yesterday I didn't feel that I needed to support that import industry anymore. I also felt like I was ripped off (about time) and so I decided to make my own. 

Here's my equation:

-About a year ago my sister bought me a pie maker. Kinda like this one, but housing two pies at once rather than four. Obviously it never got out of the box, was stored in my pantry and only made its debut yesterday.

-A few months ago I bought puff pastry and it's been in my freezer ever since.

-I had middle bacon. Also in the fridge for a substantial amount of time.

-I had eggs..well, I always have eggs. I mean chicken eggs.

-I was reminiscing Jesters Pies.

So, I put everything together and tadaa!!... my version of Jester's Morning Glory. Mind you, it tasted exactly like it..just that I omitted the cheese. 

If you want a fast and easy faux Jesters Pie, all you need is (to make 2 pies):

Ready made puff pastry (I used Pampas), cut into 2x large, 2x small circle pie templates.
2 pieces of middle bacon, fried and cut into small pieces.
2 eggs

1. Heat up the pie maker as per instructions.
2. Place large circle puff pastry into the bottom mould.
3. Place bacon in each pie dish.
4. Pour one egg over each pie.
5. Place small circle puff pastry over the top.
6. Cook for 8-10 minutes or until pastry is cooked.

Voila. I felt like a genius. 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Lets take a trip down memory lane- because I feel like a hot chocolate right about now- and because I can't get one- I'll just stare. You are welcome to stare with me. 

You can gaze into my hug mug, think of the hot yummy-ness. Then you can remind yourself that you need a manicure too.

You can drool over what use to be H's caramel-banana-chocolate-crepe thing..

Then you can salivate again over my overdosed chocolate goodness complete with cocoa everything..

Even having tiny-weeny crunchy chocolate balls for the heck of it...

Then we return back to work- and stop dreaming- but crave for chocolate for the rest of the day. 

Yes, you have a good day too. 

*If you have the pleasure of being near such choco-goodness, the photos were taken at Max Brenner.

Monday, August 9, 2010

5 Years On

This is my Humpy Dumpty cake. Aptly named by H because it has a ribbon around the middle much like how Humpty wears his pants to his stomach - more commonly known as Chilled Lemon Cheesecake. The one H always craves and asks for.

And you know what? It's so hard to keep surprises once you're married. I came straight out and told H not to open the fridge when he got home. So what does he do? He scavenges through the rubbish bin and figures out what I've been up to. His detective work told him that Philly cheese, Digestive biscuits and the sudden emergence of lemons in the house meant I made him a lemon cheesecake. ..I guess it really sums up how far we've come within five years of knowing one another. 

But look here. I mean, look beyond my chubby toes and gaze at the pampering tray. 

Look beyond the cute cucumber eye-pads rested on H's cheeks..- I'm sure he'd appreciate this day..

Drift into the sweetest dreams and ease away from reality.

Sip on fresh cold juice in balmy weather..and just enjoy each other's company.

Yes, I still get pampered and spoilt too- thats the perk. I love where we are now. I love how H and I can balance the realities of life amongst romance, where a simple hug can make the day so much more worthwhile. Awww..I wurve himmm wotsss..

So I made him this card [ a surprise I could keep!]. ..Complete with lots of hearts as if it was my first love letter..

And he in return treated me to this honeycomb choco craving I had..

..before we went to dinner at our very first date place. Where many years ago, we were both nervous and possibly looking for conversations..

..and in between you just might like to know, he cleaned the house, cleaned the porch and watered the plants. 

Told you we're balanced. -Happy 5th Anniversary hubs!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Let's Wrap

When I was young and dreamy, amongst all my weird ambitions, my ideal job was to be a gift wrapper. I'd wrap presents everyday and be in sheer delight when people received nicely wrapped gifts. Then I got older and realized I wouldn't make much money out of it, so I decided to be a architect- who still doesn't make much money but figured I wouldn't get as many raised eyebrows when people asked me what I did for a living.

So here I am, older, not necessarily wiser, but still hearting well wrapped gifts. And though I admit, there's been a handful of presents where I just chuck into a commercial bag before handing it to the receiver, I put just as much thought into it- just that I didn't have time to wrap it. -I promise.

This was a very belated birthday gift done up for Michelle. I remember her calling me from Sydney a few years ago, asking what are the basic tools she should get for scrapbooking/cardmaking. Today, I think she's got waaaay more things than me and has definitely made more things than I have! 

It's stressful giving something to a talented crafter. So this was just simple wrap and card set, playing on cute stamps and organic colours in line with her gift.

Ps. Today I want to own a scrapbook store, make my own cards. As you can see, I'm still not grasping the idea of earning truckloads of money.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

You know what I've been craving?

My relationship with food was somewhat disturbed in the last few months. It annoyed me, but I couldn't help it. But now I think we're friends again..maybe even lovers once more.

You know what I have been craving? Dim Sum. D.i.m.s.u.m.!! It's hard to find good dim sum, or shall I say..there's no good dim sum around my place. I've previously been spoilt with dim sum made by Hong Kong and Guang Dong chefs. So much so, that the ones found here are just not suffice. 

I want my Wu kok. Yam puffs delicately crispy on the outside and filled with gravy insides.

I want my Dan tat. Egg tarts soft in the centers with puffy skins.

I want my Foong Jau. Braised chicken feet y'all!! Sounds grose but I assure you its good!

I want my Har gao. Fresh prawns please!

I want my Nai Wong Bau. Custard buns that ooze out.

And just incase you're wondering, the above photos were taken a few months ago in Taste Paradise, where the lighting ain't great but who cares when there's yummy food.

Gimme my food!!!

Taste Paradise (Ion Orchard)
#04-07 Ion Orchard
Tel: 6509 9660

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

He's Three!

Remember my Two-Ernie nephew? The one that introduced me to blue and green trains? He turned 3 not too long ago and I still turn all gooey all over him. Especially now that he says 'Bai' to me on the phone and dances when I send him nudges on MSN. 

Doing what virtually all Chinese do some time or another..I gave him a 'red' packet. So it wasn't red and had nursery rhymes featuring Old Macdonald...but it served the purpose. 

I'm going nuts over baby scrap booking materials! They are just too cute.