Wednesday, August 4, 2010

He's Three!

Remember my Two-Ernie nephew? The one that introduced me to blue and green trains? He turned 3 not too long ago and I still turn all gooey all over him. Especially now that he says 'Bai' to me on the phone and dances when I send him nudges on MSN. 

Doing what virtually all Chinese do some time or another..I gave him a 'red' packet. So it wasn't red and had nursery rhymes featuring Old Macdonald...but it served the purpose. 

I'm going nuts over baby scrap booking materials! They are just too cute. 


  1. Oohhh where did you get the paper??

  2. I see ur already collecting baby scrap booking paper!! Lucky baby!!


  3. From a scrapbook store in Brunei. But i'm sure u can find it anywhere right now. This particular paper is called 'Pitter Patter Sophie-Newspaper' if you're interested.

    Paul..I dont know if i can keep it up!