Monday, August 9, 2010

5 Years On

This is my Humpy Dumpty cake. Aptly named by H because it has a ribbon around the middle much like how Humpty wears his pants to his stomach - more commonly known as Chilled Lemon Cheesecake. The one H always craves and asks for.

And you know what? It's so hard to keep surprises once you're married. I came straight out and told H not to open the fridge when he got home. So what does he do? He scavenges through the rubbish bin and figures out what I've been up to. His detective work told him that Philly cheese, Digestive biscuits and the sudden emergence of lemons in the house meant I made him a lemon cheesecake. ..I guess it really sums up how far we've come within five years of knowing one another. 

But look here. I mean, look beyond my chubby toes and gaze at the pampering tray. 

Look beyond the cute cucumber eye-pads rested on H's cheeks..- I'm sure he'd appreciate this day..

Drift into the sweetest dreams and ease away from reality.

Sip on fresh cold juice in balmy weather..and just enjoy each other's company.

Yes, I still get pampered and spoilt too- thats the perk. I love where we are now. I love how H and I can balance the realities of life amongst romance, where a simple hug can make the day so much more worthwhile. Awww..I wurve himmm wotsss..

So I made him this card [ a surprise I could keep!]. ..Complete with lots of hearts as if it was my first love letter..

And he in return treated me to this honeycomb choco craving I had..

..before we went to dinner at our very first date place. Where many years ago, we were both nervous and possibly looking for conversations..

..and in between you just might like to know, he cleaned the house, cleaned the porch and watered the plants. 

Told you we're balanced. -Happy 5th Anniversary hubs!


  1. WOW, you guys are so romantic :)

  2. err...we try. I'm sure Gary is super sweet too:)

  3. Can you guys teach him to make me cards? Haha

  4. errr..i only get electronic ones now...he draws on his iPad...i said his next step will be at they still have that?!