Thursday, November 26, 2009

PG Rated

The next time I'm going to watch a movie in the public, it will have to be PG rated, filled with cartoons or Disney produced or something.

Because the world just turns you [ well, me] upside down sometimes. I'm a wimp now. I cry. In movies.

Excuse me, did you hear? I said- I cry, In movies!

I never use to cry. Who cries in movies? Who cares if Danny Glover dies on film?

I did. I took out my Kleenexes when I was watching 2012. I think its one of those moments where H thinks 'silly wife'  and shakes his head in disbelief he married me. Me! But then, he's too attached to the movies he doesn't notice I cry. Most of the time anyway. Thank goodness. But err..does it make it any better if I told you his friends noticed I cried? Does that make me any better or worse of a wife? Hmmm...

Well, all in all I loved 2012. It was epic. Something uncanny and surreal about it too. And for those who cry in movies, bring a box or two of Kleenex and forget about the mascara. Second thoughts, keep emergency numbers on hand too, because your heart will be palpitating faster than you on a treadmill.

Peek here.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Soft 'N Spongy

Thirteen years ago I took my first trip alone to Japan for a school exchange programme. It was horrible! I had motion sickness and basically spilled my guts out. The poor Japanese girl sitting besides felt so sorry for me she started patting me on the back, handing me tissues and calling the stewardess- who then gave me like a million vomit bags. I got off the plane in a horrible state hoping that Japanese girl would never see me again- how embarassing! Anyway, I was soon tucked under warm blankets by my host family and all was well.


....until they introduced me to Japanese cakes. Then I got into trouble.

Japanese cakes are just too soft and the cream is just too fresh. Their fault really. I mean, why can't they make cakes just like any other country does? Why do they have to make theirs extra soft? Extra creamy? Just isn't right really.

Fast forward one decade and hail Singapore- Arinco King. I found the soft cotton creamy cakes in Singapore on my last trip at Ion. Going to Singapore just isn't healthy.

There's so much to choose from. Which one? I actually wanted this..

But it was a tad too big and I wasn't that greedy...

So I got my Caramel Sand instead and just about salivated when the girls were making it..

Then I just about melted in all its sugar creamy-ness when I got hold of this.

So if you, like me, get reminded of a particular country because of a certain food- you gotta try Arinco for Japanese cakes.

Ps. H tried the Matcha Sand flavour which is just as loveable.

Arinco King
Ion Orchard

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

White Chocolate Raisin Cookies

Hi blog, I know I've abandoned you lately- no excuses, no reasons- I just went missing because I had a bad case of lazy bones. I know you'd understand. But to be extra nice I baked you cookies. Well, I get to eat them but hey I'm sharing. Sharing is caring.


I love the smell of freshly baked cookies. I love how the sweetness lingers in the air. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy before I grunt out 'COO-KIEEEEEE!' much like the blue furry monster found on Sesame Street.

White Chocolate Raisin Cookies

50g Raisins
200g White Cooking Chocolate, chopped into pieces (or you can use chocolate chips)
40g Icing Sugar
110g Softened Butter
130g Plain Flour
1 egg yolk
Sprinkle of Bicarbonate Soda

1. Preheat oven to 180 Celcius.
2. Cream butter and icing sugar until fluffy.
3. Slowly add plain flour and bicarbonate soda, mixing until even. Then add egg yolk.
4. Stir raisins and chocolate into the mixture ad refrigerate for 30 minutes.
5. Shape into small balls and place on tray. Flatten each cookie with a fork.
6. Bake for 20 minutes or until slightly browned.

Cool off cookies before storing into air tight containers or if you're like me- you'll gobble them while they're still soft and shout 'COO-KIEEEE!!!'

Friday, November 13, 2009

Meet Ms Grumpy

If you're grumpy and you know it clap your hands ** If you're grumpy and you know it clap your hands ** If you're grumpy and you know it then you really ought to show it, If you're grumpy and you know it clap your hands**

No one should be around me these few days. I'm edgy,grumpy and annoyed at everything. I had a sore throat, which transcended into a cold and now a cough. I can get evil, very evil because I haven't been having a good night's sleep since I don't know when.

I've drank herbal teas, weird concoctions and wicked potions, befriended Strepsils and tissues. I might as well attach a tissue box to my neck.

I've slept with my head propped up; face up, face down, face name it and I've tried it. 

I'm a sore sight too. Dark eye bags and a real grumpy face. I'm not a nice person at the moment. Really.

My brain's kinda stuck too. But atleast I came up with a grumpy song.

Ohhh...go awayyyyy...!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I like graffiting drawing on surfaces. Any surface. From napkins, to scraps to toes. It releases my endorphins. Its therapeutic. Really.

H is glad I finally found my permanent drawing board [I only sacrificed his toes once!] Precisely, our Loveboard. It's where we scribble, leave silly messages and write our love notes.

If I may say so, I am falling in love with our Loveboard. It cleans easily, doesnt leave any residue or dust and I dont need to waste any paper in the process.

But I guess I'm also causing H to have a minor heart failure. And I stress it should only be minor. ..Well, we kind of have alot of glass and some mirrors at the new house- and he can fully visualise his somewhat crazy wife sabotaging all such surfaces.

I promise I'll just stick to one glass panel...or maybe 2? 3?...Ok....4! 4! I settle at 4 and promise I wont draw on other areas.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wanna see my rocks?

My rocks are up! My rocks are up!

Ok, so it isn't that amazing but atleast something got done and my drawings are finally in it's realization. I'm finally starting to see the end of this house building journey especially now that the paintwork is being finished up.

If you notice,our wall is painted too. First coat only though. Kinda whitish though the real colour is 'Purple Lint'- it's really a grey tint with a purple name...hmm.

Oh..and this is a looong story. But its the beginning of a glass roof covering my entrance porch. I'll tell you the story if you ever visit, but meanwhile, H dubs it as a steel pole with a Ultraman hat! - Not as per my drawings mind you!! Guess our contractor didnt have his thinking cap on when installing this baby.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Hawker Food- Miri Style

I haven't been quite fair to Miri- I realised I've just about never posted much on the eats and treats here when I blog so much more about other places. In all honesty, its most probably because I look a tad weird if I bring out my camera. I'll most probably get so much gawking I'd be more eager to stuff my camera in my bag.

A few days ago I felt brave. Camera brave. [Stuff the gawking, oohs and ahhs, I'll just pretend I'm a journalist of some sort.] So if you're in Miri and see me in a awkward pose photographing food, just ignore me.  

Now, you really haven't been to Miri if you've missed out what the locals know as 'Open Air'. This market, officially known as Miri Central Market is not only known for fresh local produce, but has a variety of good eats. I could go there everyday. Seriously. They have what I think is the best coffee too!

This Sunday, we went for:

Curry Rice. (Ah Sen Curry Rice-5th Stall) You know something is good when their income relies soley on one dish. Their rice is served with a good dashing of curry or meat sauce accompanied by chicken, char siew and marinated pork. Run by a team of siblings, this stall has been around since I was a kid. But don't come if youre in hurry- because good food needs waiting!

You Tiao (Street facing corner stall, Kueh area) - Otherwise known as You Char Kueh. I love it with kaya or sweet yellow bean soup. RM 1 for 4 pieces. A family stall recipe passed down from generations. Many times if I head to the market at a later time, the stall won't even be around anymore as they've packed their goods and are done for the day.

Head down early and be prepared for a little sweat. Its all worth it I promise.

Miri Central Market
Between Brooke Road and Jalan Kingsway