Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Soft 'N Spongy

Thirteen years ago I took my first trip alone to Japan for a school exchange programme. It was horrible! I had motion sickness and basically spilled my guts out. The poor Japanese girl sitting besides felt so sorry for me she started patting me on the back, handing me tissues and calling the stewardess- who then gave me like a million vomit bags. I got off the plane in a horrible state hoping that Japanese girl would never see me again- how embarassing! Anyway, I was soon tucked under warm blankets by my host family and all was well.


....until they introduced me to Japanese cakes. Then I got into trouble.

Japanese cakes are just too soft and the cream is just too fresh. Their fault really. I mean, why can't they make cakes just like any other country does? Why do they have to make theirs extra soft? Extra creamy? Just isn't right really.

Fast forward one decade and hail Singapore- Arinco King. I found the soft cotton creamy cakes in Singapore on my last trip at Ion. Going to Singapore just isn't healthy.

There's so much to choose from. Which one? I actually wanted this..

But it was a tad too big and I wasn't that greedy...

So I got my Caramel Sand instead and just about salivated when the girls were making it..

Then I just about melted in all its sugar creamy-ness when I got hold of this.

So if you, like me, get reminded of a particular country because of a certain food- you gotta try Arinco for Japanese cakes.

Ps. H tried the Matcha Sand flavour which is just as loveable.

Arinco King
Ion Orchard

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