Monday, November 2, 2009

Hawker Food- Miri Style

I haven't been quite fair to Miri- I realised I've just about never posted much on the eats and treats here when I blog so much more about other places. In all honesty, its most probably because I look a tad weird if I bring out my camera. I'll most probably get so much gawking I'd be more eager to stuff my camera in my bag.

A few days ago I felt brave. Camera brave. [Stuff the gawking, oohs and ahhs, I'll just pretend I'm a journalist of some sort.] So if you're in Miri and see me in a awkward pose photographing food, just ignore me.  

Now, you really haven't been to Miri if you've missed out what the locals know as 'Open Air'. This market, officially known as Miri Central Market is not only known for fresh local produce, but has a variety of good eats. I could go there everyday. Seriously. They have what I think is the best coffee too!

This Sunday, we went for:

Curry Rice. (Ah Sen Curry Rice-5th Stall) You know something is good when their income relies soley on one dish. Their rice is served with a good dashing of curry or meat sauce accompanied by chicken, char siew and marinated pork. Run by a team of siblings, this stall has been around since I was a kid. But don't come if youre in hurry- because good food needs waiting!

You Tiao (Street facing corner stall, Kueh area) - Otherwise known as You Char Kueh. I love it with kaya or sweet yellow bean soup. RM 1 for 4 pieces. A family stall recipe passed down from generations. Many times if I head to the market at a later time, the stall won't even be around anymore as they've packed their goods and are done for the day.

Head down early and be prepared for a little sweat. Its all worth it I promise.

Miri Central Market
Between Brooke Road and Jalan Kingsway


  1. i know is funny... but.... back for 6 months... never been to open air :p hee hee.

  2. really marlene??!! you really should go there for breakfast! hehe.