Thursday, November 26, 2009

PG Rated

The next time I'm going to watch a movie in the public, it will have to be PG rated, filled with cartoons or Disney produced or something.

Because the world just turns you [ well, me] upside down sometimes. I'm a wimp now. I cry. In movies.

Excuse me, did you hear? I said- I cry, In movies!

I never use to cry. Who cries in movies? Who cares if Danny Glover dies on film?

I did. I took out my Kleenexes when I was watching 2012. I think its one of those moments where H thinks 'silly wife'  and shakes his head in disbelief he married me. Me! But then, he's too attached to the movies he doesn't notice I cry. Most of the time anyway. Thank goodness. But err..does it make it any better if I told you his friends noticed I cried? Does that make me any better or worse of a wife? Hmmm...

Well, all in all I loved 2012. It was epic. Something uncanny and surreal about it too. And for those who cry in movies, bring a box or two of Kleenex and forget about the mascara. Second thoughts, keep emergency numbers on hand too, because your heart will be palpitating faster than you on a treadmill.

Peek here.


  1. err...i cried while watching The Time Traveller's Wife? Im no better:P

    hmmm k...maybe i have to watch 2010 now....:)

  2. err, don't worry i cried watching My Sister's Keeper, like i bawled like never before!! But then there wasn't a dry eye in the whole cinema, except for Gary :) And lately, I've cried whilst watching Brothers and Sisters. What does marriage do to us girls huh?