Thursday, November 5, 2009


I like graffiting drawing on surfaces. Any surface. From napkins, to scraps to toes. It releases my endorphins. Its therapeutic. Really.

H is glad I finally found my permanent drawing board [I only sacrificed his toes once!] Precisely, our Loveboard. It's where we scribble, leave silly messages and write our love notes.

If I may say so, I am falling in love with our Loveboard. It cleans easily, doesnt leave any residue or dust and I dont need to waste any paper in the process.

But I guess I'm also causing H to have a minor heart failure. And I stress it should only be minor. ..Well, we kind of have alot of glass and some mirrors at the new house- and he can fully visualise his somewhat crazy wife sabotaging all such surfaces.

I promise I'll just stick to one glass panel...or maybe 2? 3?...Ok....4! 4! I settle at 4 and promise I wont draw on other areas.

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