Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More drawings

I was going through some [not that] old photos and guess what I found?

Remember some time ago when I told you about napkin drawings? we are again- sitting in a coffee shop, trying to explain to each other how our [at that un-married time] future bedroom would look like. Being the nut that I am..I had to put in where all the powerpoints were gonna be and mark which [bigger] wardrobe was mine. If you look towards the left of the image..yes, I went nutty again and had to dot the bricks and darken the mortar as if a grown man had no capability of distinguishing his line drawing and my brick drawing.

Oh, and I forgot to tell husband has a uncanny attachment to how I hold a pen. It cracks him up everytime. What's so funny?!


  1. What's wrong with it? That's how I hold a pen.

  2. I support the pen with my fourth finger instead of the conventional third. But Charles thinks it makes me look kinda a kid that cant write..pfft..atleast i draw better.