Monday, March 9, 2009

Got Milk?

A year ago Charles secretly flew to Perth in February, proposed... and on March 8th we formally got engaged. A year later, we're married and doing our happily ever after part.

As you can tell from my previous posts, I'm all for surprises and some fun and games. I love the glee when someone receives something unexpected, when someone asks in enthusiasm 'When did you do THAT?'..and when someone smiles. Its my adrenaline rush. I just love happy people!

So this time I made hubby some Milk Immunity. What the? Lol. Let me explain with the pictures.

...I made a milk carton, just like the ones you see in shops..

It contained 12 hearts

..And this is what the hearts were for.. 

Hubby thought it was the best invention ever and has since placed a heart in his wallet for emergency uses. Think I'll make a fortune if I sell these on ebay?


  1. omg .. where do you find time for all this creative creations?

  2. I go back to my mum's place...[ALOT] and hide myself in a little room. Its my form of entertainment.

  3. that's so cute......i want to learn!!