Monday, March 16, 2009

Engineer vs Architect

The husband and I have a tendancy to do childish things when we're together. Its natural. They say this proves we're in love. I say this proves we're just naturally childish!
Well, we have this weird tendancy to draw on napkins when we're bored in restaurants. We do it while waiting for food, we do it while discussing things, we do it just for the heck of it..and most of the time, it ends up being a competition of who draws best. ..And vs architect?! Who are u kidding?! [i'm the architect by the way!]
So..the top picture?..I was discussing this flower deco thing I wanted to do for a wedding. I'm in charge of doing some basic decorations for my cousin's wedding and was drawing this to show him. He on the other hand, picked up the pen first to show me he understood what I was saying. make sure he really knew what I was saying, I had to draw it.
Now....obviously the engineer doesnt usually succumb to defeat...and if you notice on the right hand side of each napkin, theres a signature. The engineer faked my signature! Ooohhh..So I had to make it clear..and label which one was really drawn by whom.
I'll show you our other napkin drawings when I get around to it and you can guess which ones were done by the architect or engineer then.....pfffftt..


  1. i think mine is simple and explains it all, so i win