Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane

I've tried refraining myself from blogging today. I know too well that today's post will somehow be related to tomorrow's departure for my honeymoon..and who needs a post about that? But I REALLY cant help myself. I've been restless in my seat, my mind wonders off every two minutes and I cant help but constantly wonder what I havent packed.

I havent been so enthusiactic about travelling for a long time. In fact..I hate planes. Period. I wish there was a time machine that could transport me to places without me being on a plane. Planes make me sick. Literally air-sick sick.

So I guess, for one month or so..I wont be looking out my office window and seeing this...

I've asked the office cleaner to take care of my little plants while I'm gone..I've given instructions for everyone..and now i'm just sitting here, typing for the sake of typing cos I want time to pass fast. Fast. Fast! ..And slow down when I'm gone

...4:38....4:39......come on.!!.

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