Monday, March 2, 2009

Kuching Laksa

When you go Kuching, their Laksa is a must try. Its like missing the Eiffel tower in Paris or not going to the Great Wall if you're in Beijing. I know the photo above doesnt really do Kuching Laksa justice, but I was really too engrossed in eating it I forgot about taking photos until I was halfway through.

I guess it differs because its not as curry-based as West Malaysian Laksas and not as sour as Penang Laksa. Instead, Sarawak laksa is made with a base of Sambal belacan.
Mind you, theres alot of 'imitation' Sarawak laksas out there..and you must taste the real thing to fall in love with it. Normally the laksa paste is combined with a chicken/prawn broth and some coconut milk. It is then dosed with rice vermicelli and garnished with chicken shreds, prawns, fishcake, sliced fried eggs and bean sprouts.

Anyway..a good old university friend of mine took me to Choon Hui. This place is famous for their laksa and Roti Kahwin. Roti Kahwin as the name suggests in Malay, is the marrying of two flavours on bread: in this case -traditional Malaysian Kaya and butter.

Choon Hui a a typical Chinese shop-lot type cafe that doesnt fare much for decor. But sometimes, its in such places that you find the most delightful tastes, ones that bring you back to yesteryear.

Have a try when you're in Kuching: Choon Hui, Jalan Ban Hock.

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