Friday, March 11, 2011

Chocolate cravings

When I was preggers, I craved sweet things. Anything sweet. But maybe what I missed most was chocolate. Rich chocolate! So I made H promise me that once I gave birth he'd bring me to San Churro.

...Well, it didn't quite work that way. 'Cos he got all strict about confinement- let's not go there, and then I guess Jellybean just took up every single moment of our time. I do, however give him credit for bringing me there eventually, albeit six weeks late.

Chocolate does what chocolate does! Serotonin surge!! Whoopee! Here we have a Hot Cold Spanish Chocolate which has the texture of yoghurt, not as sweet as chocolate sauce, but still oozing with cocoa flavours.

...And here's one of their Premium Chocolate Shakes though I forgot which flavour I ordered. You rule!

Last but not least, Churro!!! Churro Churro Churro! Need I say more?

I definitely had my chocolate fix for the day.