Sunday, March 8, 2009

Not-so red velvet!

I've been inspired by some blogs and was keen to try some red velvet cupcakes topped with cream cheese topping. In my mind- it was going to be moist, soft and of-course red!

I knew something was wrong before I put my cupcakes in the oven. Firstly.. I didnt put so much red colouring as just didnt seem right to be engrossing myself with something so bright red. Traffic light red! RED-red! Secondly..I ran out of butter and replaced it with margarine. So wrong! And lastly, the mixture was so dry. I really should of gone with my instincts.

So what came out was something really dense..semi-red and nothing like what I ate before. The cream cheese frosting tasted fine..but I couldnt figure out why mine was so yellow and the ones in the shops were white. 

This turned out so wrong. Nevertheless, I decorated them cos they were suppose to be a surprise for my husband.

One night in the fridge and they tasted ok...but just dont tell anyone they're suppose to be red velvet cupcakes...its invention.

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