Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A dose of cheekiness

My husband handed me his Levis..there was a hole in his pocket and he needed it sewn together.

So..many weeks later I finally gotten around to it. I mended the hole and gave the jeans back to him.

A few days later whilst wearing his jeans, he realised there was some rough patch inside his pockets.

I got a phone call some time after asking me about the grafitti on his Levis, I calmly told him atleast no one could see it and I added 'value' to his Levis....really! [I mean..handsewn right?]

...luckily he was laughing and I wasnt in trouble!

Now I'm not encouraging you to go sabotage all your husband's clothes, I'm just saying whats life without doses of cheekiness? I just think life is way more fun like this.


  1. you are soooo sweet liya:)

  2. thanks jess. but I dont those are my husband's sentiments. lol.