Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Give me some!

I've been reading some utterly hopelessly Mills & Boon type romances. Yes. With utterly hopeless macho males that have utterly hopelessly sensitive souls and sweep the utterly hopelessly girl off their feet. Literally. You know, the type that doesn't really happen in real life but you wish it did. The type where all they do is kiss and make out and they really don't have anything better to do.

It got me thinking. What happens if one day the memories of me and The Hubby slowly eroded away? What happens if I don't have a story to tell the kids and to brag to my grandkids about? What happens if I forgot 'the moment' where my heart skipped a beat? Or the moment at the train station? Or when he went out of his way to show he cared? Or the moment when I realised he was my other half? 

Instead, what happens if all I remember is when he didnt put down the toilet seat or the nights when he snored profusely and ..and..heaven knows! That would be disastrous. Horrific. Terrible. [trust me, I spent a few hours thinking of me and my possible amnesia or worse. Alzheimers]

But then like a tonne of bricks it hit me...

No, I dont have those Mills & Boon sweep me off my feet moments [not anymore anyway]..but I do love every single moment of being with him. The Hubby. When he kisses me good morning. When I see him come home. When a hug can turn a bad day around. When he has his silly chuckle laugh and asks 'Can you be like this when we're old?'. 

And thats the part our children and grandchildren can see. The part where they know Papa bear and Mama bear have loved each other through it all, endured all the hardships and the happiness..and that itself will be better than any Mills & Boon living happily ever after.

Go on....gag now..

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