Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Lets take a trip down memory lane- because I feel like a hot chocolate right about now- and because I can't get one- I'll just stare. You are welcome to stare with me. 

You can gaze into my hug mug, think of the hot yummy-ness. Then you can remind yourself that you need a manicure too.

You can drool over what use to be H's caramel-banana-chocolate-crepe thing..

Then you can salivate again over my overdosed chocolate goodness complete with cocoa everything..

Even having tiny-weeny crunchy chocolate balls for the heck of it...

Then we return back to work- and stop dreaming- but crave for chocolate for the rest of the day. 

Yes, you have a good day too. 

*If you have the pleasure of being near such choco-goodness, the photos were taken at Max Brenner.

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  1. omg i cant believe i still have not had max brenner.