Thursday, August 5, 2010

You know what I've been craving?

My relationship with food was somewhat disturbed in the last few months. It annoyed me, but I couldn't help it. But now I think we're friends again..maybe even lovers once more.

You know what I have been craving? Dim Sum. D.i.m.s.u.m.!! It's hard to find good dim sum, or shall I say..there's no good dim sum around my place. I've previously been spoilt with dim sum made by Hong Kong and Guang Dong chefs. So much so, that the ones found here are just not suffice. 

I want my Wu kok. Yam puffs delicately crispy on the outside and filled with gravy insides.

I want my Dan tat. Egg tarts soft in the centers with puffy skins.

I want my Foong Jau. Braised chicken feet y'all!! Sounds grose but I assure you its good!

I want my Har gao. Fresh prawns please!

I want my Nai Wong Bau. Custard buns that ooze out.

And just incase you're wondering, the above photos were taken a few months ago in Taste Paradise, where the lighting ain't great but who cares when there's yummy food.

Gimme my food!!!

Taste Paradise (Ion Orchard)
#04-07 Ion Orchard
Tel: 6509 9660

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